© PVC : Poly(vinyl chloride), commonly abbreviated PVC. PVC is a thermoplastic, which is widely manufactured into pipes, window profiles, wallpapers, flooring, etc.
It is made of 57% chlorine and 43% of crude oil extracts. It has excellent durability, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, and electric insulation.

PVC Resins are dealt centering on K Value. K value (viscosity), is an empirical parameter closely related to intrinsic viscosity, often defined in slightly different ways in different industries to express viscosity based estimate of statistical molecular mass of polymeric material used particularly for PVC. The most commonly used K value in Europe is the Fikentscher K value (referenced in DIN EN ISO 1628-1) obtained by dilute solution viscometry and solving Fikentscher equation.

Our commonly dealt PVC Resins are as under according to the K Value:

· K-66

· K51

· K65

· K67

Principles of PVC Resin/Compound and Stabilizer:

· ACETO ( China )

· LG ( Korea )

· FORMOSA ( Taiwan)

· HANWHA ( Korea )

· KPICC ( Korea )

· HYUNDAI ( Korea )

· DAELIM ( Korea )

· IRMSB ( Malaysia )

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